Hugh Clarke in the Press

The Honorable Hugh B. Clarke’s Biography

“Judge Hugh Barrington Clarke, Jr. was born on July 14, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, to Gwendolyn and Hugh Barrington Clarke, Sr. As a young boy, Clarke enjoyed playing baseball and was influenced by Detroit’s “Motown Sound,” often performing in his school’s talent shows.” Read more about Hugh Clarke’s life, career, and interest in sports on The History Makers!

“Judge Hugh B. Clarke shares his professional insight in a video about the trial of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin.” Watch his full YouTube video to learn more.

“Hugh B. Clarke shares his legal insight into the trial and ultimate verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse.” Watch his full YouTube video to learn more!

“Judge Hugh Clarke shares his professional insight into the George Floyd Trial.” Watch his full YouTube video to learn more.

“Work in the legal industry is often grueling and stressful. If you don’t find ways to be proactive with your stress management, you can easily find yourself burning out. Burnout can cause you to lose interest in your work, even if you once loved it.” Hugh B. Clarke gives his insight into avoiding burnout in this thoughtful post.

“When a leader takes on a new role, everything can be possible. Good leaders are able to develop their own talents and take on new challenges with enthusiasm. Great leaders are also driven by the desire to achieve greatness at every level.” Hugh Clarke provides insight for new leaders in this post.

In this post, Hugh B. Clarke explores the benefits of supporting employee mental wellness and why it should be an integral part of every business.

“Judge Hugh B. Clarke, Jr., is a graduate from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.” Learn more about Hugh in this video produced by FOX 47 News.

“Are you looking for a way to improve your life? Are you looking for a way to achieve tremendous success? If so, then you should consider investing in personal development.” Hugh Clarke explores the benefits of personal development in this article.

Hugh B. Clarke explores why a positive work environment will benefit the entire organization and a business’ strategy.

“Whether it’s litigating high-stakes cases in court or ensuring equal access to basic rights, Judge Hugh Clarke does it all and more.” Learn more about Hugh B. Clarke in this informative bio video!

When Hugh B. Clarke was a teenager, he was exposed to the idea of criminal law and the concept of positive change after witnessing the riots in Detroit. The events that occurred in his city pushed him to finish high school and become a better person.” Learn more about Hugh B. Clarke!