Respect is valuable not only in the working world, but in life. When we respect one another, there is trust. There is an inherent need to be attentive, to work hard, and to work with people who we respect.

But respect is not just given. As a leader, respect is crucial for effective leadership. Moreover, there are no shortcuts to gaining respect as a leader. Here are a few important things leaders can do to earn the respect of their teams.

Be an Example

It is hard to get behind a leader who simply demands things yet shows no indication that they are pulling their own weight. The quickest way to earn respect in the workplace is to show others how to treat you and others.

Moreover, by taking the reins on certain tasks and even showing others how to do it, it demonstrates that leadership has to fill their role as well.

Be Consistent in Character

Being consistent in the job that we do can vary based on circumstances. But the consistency of our character is something that we can dictate at all times. When people know what to expect out of their leaders, then there will be a consistency in the respect shown.

Hold yourself accountable and be responsible. More importantly, make sure your words and actions line up. By showing the team you are reliable and accountable, they will want to hold themselves in the same regard.

Demonstrate Trust

Another crucial aspect to being a leader is to earn the trust of the team. This can be done in a lot of ways, but when the team doesn’t trust leadership, respect is an impossibility. Trustworthiness comes in two forms: doing things right and doing the right thing.

Be truthful, be thoughtful, and be open. More importantly, have the courage to do what is right even when it isn’t necessarily what is easy. The team will respect that trust and honesty, knowing that when you say something you stand by it.