Delegation is a critical skill in many different aspects of business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a team leader, you can be much more effective and productive if you know how to delegate. Fortunately, everyone can learn how to delegate effectively. You can take certain strategies and learn them, and you will be on your way.

Trust Others to Do a Good Job

One of the most difficult parts of delegating is the ability to let go and trust someone else to do the job as well as you would. If this sounds like you, start with small tasks. As you practice and see that the company won’t fall apart, you can build on this and learn how to trust people to do a good job. You have to believe that other people do have the skills and experience necessary to do these tasks effectively, and you can even train them to do it your way.

Prioritize Your Tasks

When you look at your responsibilities, you should prioritize them according to the skills needed and the difficulty of accomplishing them. Tasks that require most expertise are those that you can keep for yourself, and those that require less expertise, especially if they require a lot of effort, can be delegated to others. This will save you time while getting “busy work” off of your plate.

Learn What People’s Strengths Are

Get to know your workers so that you can assign them tasks that fit in with their strengths. It is much easier to delegate when you have confidence in the worker’s ability to do the job. This is a better strategy than delegating to those with the most free time. When you take the time to learn what different people are best at, you will be able to delegate without compromising the quality of the results.

Let Them Know Exactly What to Do

If you delegate and want the person to do the task to your standards be sure to include detailed instructions on what you want done and how you want them to do it. Make sure that they know that you are available for any questions, and remember that communication is key to making sure that workers are able to do the job the way you want it done.