There is no such thing as a “Monday person.” The weekend always seems too short and passes far too quickly. Even the most gung-ho of employees value their free time and want to make it last for as long as possible.

But instead of letting Monday become a drag, there are a few things that can be done to improve the experience. Here are a few ways that leaders can help employees get over the drag of Mondays and take advantage of them.

Getting Physical

More often than not, getting our bodies in line happens before getting emotions and mindsets in line. On Mondays, this seems to be especially true. There are more than a few studies that show the benefits that working out has on not only the body but the mind as well.

Encourage employees to do a little bit of light exercise to start the day. Going for a walk or run can provide immediate benefits and set them up for a successful Monday.

Keep Email in Check

When work starts to bleed into personal lives, that is when the slope becomes most slippery. That is why managing email and letting it wait until getting into the office can be such an effective tool, particularly on Mondays.

When the week begins, it takes a bit for us to find our mental focus. By having to fight through emails all weekend, there is no chance to reset and focus on the plans for the week. Put emails on the backburner until you get into the office.

Proper Scheduling

Having projects and looking for tangible results on a Monday may seem like feet to the fire, but it has its benefits. Set up attainable goals for Monday to ensure that you get your team on track and ready to tackle the week.

They can be small goals, but that small list can be just what the team needs to regain focus and push through the week to come. All it takes is a good start to the week.