If there is one certainty in life, it’s that there will always be uncertainty. While it would be nice to know about every potential problem that lies ahead, it is impossible. As an entrepreneur, the entire world can feel uncertain at times.

The most inspiring leaders always seem like they know it all. But the simple fact of the matter is that they don’t, no one does, and that’s okay. Here is how effective leaders and entrepreneurs handle uncertainty in the work environment.

Be Realistic

If you have seen an entrepreneur who claims to never be uncertain and seems ultra-confident, guess what? They are either acting or delusional. Everyone faces their own set of fears and their own uncertainty.

Being honest about those uncertainties and knowing that you don’t have all the answers is the place to start. It allows for growth and development going forward. No one is perfect, no matter how much we want to believe it.

No One Has it All Together

Guess what? Those people you look up to who seem like they know it all and have it all figured out, they really don’t. They have the same bouts of self-doubt. They have the same feelings of uncertainty. They have the same insecurities.

The difference between people who succeed and people who simply have big ideas is that they embrace the uncertainty and work through it. They accept that failing is a growth experience and strive to improve through the experience. Fear of uncertainty is restrictive. Accept it. Own it.

Action Is the Key

No matter what your fears may be, no matter how uncertain you feel about moving forward, the key to overcoming those things is action. Do something to move forward because doing nothing has the same result every time: failure.

But by doing something, you give yourself a chance. Moreover, doing something provides a potential growth experience. Failing isn’t a bad thing; it provides experience that is essential to growth. Fight off uncertainty by taking action.